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Project Management

An extremely robust and well-proven delivery framework.

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The Project Lifecycle

CWPM has developed an approach to project management that reflects the client journey towards occupying and operating their new facilities. We understand that effective and purposeful construction management is only possible when all the objectives of the project are fully articulated and understood.

Facilities are a tool that enables the completion of activities, whether it’s providing education in a school, delivering healthcare in a hospital or voyages of discovery in research institutes; it is only by knowing how best these activities can be undertaken that a project can achieve its full potential and deliver genuine, sustainable excellence.

We have developed a unique Whole of Project Lifecycle approach to provide our clients with the right advice, support and certainty throughout the complex process of facility development.

All phases of the framework are based on a solid, proven foundation and our experienced Project Managers have the expertise to adapt the framework to meet the specific requirements of your individual projects.

Our whole of lifecycle capability provides expertise across fourteen phases. We can enter your project at any stage of the cycle, providing, through solution-based leadership, objective advice to support any facet of the project; or we can manage the entire process from Inception to Post-Completion.

Full spectrum of project delivery services

We collaborate with our clients to clarify, define and articulate business and project objectives and needs. We provide a full spectrum of project delivery services, ranging from business case preparation and the development of organisational frameworks and structures through to project delivery.

CWPM has significant experience in managing the development and delivery of major projects that inspire further generations and leave lasting legacies.